Thursday, April 23, 2009

Announcing your new student body leaders

At noon today, the student senate released the results of this year's student body elections.

The next pair of students to hold the position of student body president and vice-president will be Marie Charlotte Noreng and Richard Washburn Peyser III. The pair received 32.8% of the vote (637 out of 1,938 votes).

There was a drastic drop 0ff in voter turnout this year. Of 11,720 possible voters, only 1,938 entered a vote, a 16.5% turnout. Last year, 4,019 of 10,998 voters elected John Banks and Stephanie Saporito, a 37% turnout.

Nicholas Benson, the sole candidate for the student trustee position, won took in 1,793 of the possible 1,938 votes.

Look for full coverage of this story in tommorow's edtion of The New Hampshire

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