Sunday, May 23, 2010


We'll be back in late August.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

TNH alumna honored by Basketball Hall of Fame

Why did this have to be announced after TNH's final issue had gone to press?

Jackie MacMullan will be honored in August with the Basketball Hall of Fame's Curt Gowdy Media Award. The awards are presented to members of the media who have made a significant contribution to basketball. Read more in the Boston Globe.

TNH loves Jackie MacMullan because not only did she graduate from UNH in 1982, but she was also on our editorial staff during her time here.

As such, we've written about her several times. So instead of a new article on her upcoming award, we'll refer you to some of those.

Most recently, we have "Globe columnist, ESPN contributor, returns to UNH with new book," which was written in November by Brandon Lawrence, currently one of two sports editors. Not surprisingly, this is my favorite part (Note: MacMullan played on the basketball team at UNH):

“Are you kidding?” MacMullan said. “When people ask me ‘what do you remember most about UNH,’ it really isn’t the basketball team, it’s working at The New Hampshire and how much I learned from that, and being up all night and deadlines.”

Here are a couple other stories we've written on MacMullan.

From Jan. 2009: "Looking at the outliers: Seeds of success planted early for Jackie MacMullan"

From 2008: "UNH alumna, Jackie MacMullan, model of integrity and success"

From 2006: "Veteran Globe reporter talks sports at UNH"

Congratulations to Jackie!!/image/3060442745.jpg
(Photo by TNH's Mike Ralph, November 2009)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

TNHers take home English Department awards

Last week, UNH's English Department held its annual student awards and scholarship ceremony and, as we did last year, we'd like to recognize our staff members who took home some hardware.

Former Executive Editor Cameron Kittle won the Laura Rice Journalism Award, which is given to a senior journalism student in recognition of outstanding reporting and writing over the course of his or her career at UNH.

Staff Writer Michaela Christensen
received the Michael Kelley Memorial Scholarship, awarded to a sophomore or junior who possesses high initiative and energy and demonstrates exceptional journalistic potential.

News Editor Geoffrey Cunningham received the Theodore "Tad" Ackman Journalism Scholarship, awarded in recognition of excellence in the English/Journalism major.

Former Staff Writer Danielle Curtis received the Donald Murray Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to an English/Journalism major who has demonstrated a passion for nonfiction storytelling.

TNH has been privileged over the past year to have these four contribute their skills to our publication. We couldn't have done it without you. Congratulations to all the winners.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Year in Review: The Features We Wish We Could Have Included

Due to space limitations, the "Year in Review" section, which was included in Friday's issue of TNH, is basically limited to the top news stories of the year. (The one exception was our bondage story, which was included because it was probably our most talked-about article of the year). The focus on hard news makes sense, because we want the Year in Review section to prompt students to look back at what made this year exciting and notable.

But every year, a number of interesting feature stories grace our pages as well. These stories take an in-depth look at the interesting people, businesses, and stories present within the UNH community. They also allow for a little more creativity on the part of the writer. We'd like to recognize some of our top feature stories of the year below.

Best investigative feature:
Busted: Alcohol Policy at UNH
(Published October 16)

Best local twist on an international story:
Fault friendly? History shows New England not immune to earthquakes
(Published January 29, our first issue back after winter break, which had been dominated by news of the earthquake in Haiti)

Best profile of a faculty member:
Poly-sci professor inspring...just don't touch his hat
(Published May 4)

Best profile of a student:
Finding a way to pay
(Published November 20)

Best profile of a business (tie):
Celebrating 50 years with Town and Campus
Newmarket coffee shop threatened by economy
(Both published on February 19, interesting enough)

Best campus life feature
Loving lounge life: freshmen reluctant to move out
(Published September 18)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Newsroom Candid

9 pm Wednesday. Managing Editor Chad Graff takes photos of some of our issues from this past year for tentative inclusion in Friday's "Year in Review" section.

Year in Review: Your Input Wanted

Every year in our last regular issue of the year, The New Hampshire includes a special section entitled "Year in Review" in which we take a look back at some of our top stories from the year.

That being said, today is Wednesday, we put the paper together tomorrow night, and we have no idea what our top stories have been. So we are now taking your votes.

What were the top news stories of the year, the ones that were the talk of the campus? What did you think were our best feature stories and profiles?

We're pretty sure that bondage will make it in there, since...yeah. Oh, and stolen newspapers. Gotta get the stolen newspapers in.

Other than that, let us know!