Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The World Needs More People Like Mike Ilitch

As a former resident of the Detroit area (I lived a half-hour away in Canton, Mich.), I will hopelessly defend the downtrodden city to the very end. I'm overly obsessed with my Red Wings and Wolverines, and I leisurely root for the Lions, Tigers and Pistons (oh my!) as well whenever the season calls for it. That's why whenever a new story comes out about the Big Three automakers, I'm always intrigued to read it.

While I do think the Big Three have had awful business strategies for a long time, it's terrible to see them in such dire straits. The city can't survive without them. And Detroit is a great city; the country wouldn't be the same without it.

That's why the world needs more people like Mike Ilitch. He owns the Red Wings and Tigers and could probably buy the rest of the world too, if he felt like it. Ilitch runs charities, donates millions per year, provides jobs for the unemployed with his Little Caesar's pizza chain, and simply never puts himself first in any situation. He has more give than a broken trampoline.

So, you should read this article. It's written by my favorite columnist, Mitch Albom, and is truly a great piece of writing. Every week Mitch doles out anywhere from 700-1000 words, and every week he impresses me. He's not just a sportswriter; he's a human magician with words. Albom's archive is here. I highly recommend it.

It's always nice to appreciate good stories when you find 'em. Just thought I'd share.


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