Friday, May 8, 2009

TNHers win English Department Awards

Last night, the UNH English Department held its annual student awards and scholarship ceremony, and a handful of TNH staff members were recognized for their academic and writing success.

Former Managing Editor Kyle Stucker received the Laura Rice Journalism Award for excellence in writing and reporting.

Executive Editor Cameron Kittle and Content Editor Keeley Smith both received the Michael Kelley Memorial Scholarship for excellence in journalism.

Staff Writer Brittney Murray received the Theodore "Tad" Ackman Journalism Scholarship for excellence in the English/Journalism major.

Staff Writer Shawn Cyr received the John Hanlon Memorial Scholarship for excellence in journalism (sports writing).

We'd like to congratulate our colleagues on their awards and thank them for sharing the skills and dedication they show in the classroom with our publication.

Good job everyone!

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