Saturday, July 25, 2009

Checking in mid-summer

Well, our former executive editor threatened a guest post if we didn't update our blog, so I thought I'd take the initiative and give any TNH readers a little summer update.

Many of us are hard at work with internships and summer jobs - as are many other UNH students.

I've been in my home state of Washington, workin the 9 to 5 at Bremerton's Kitsap Sun - a local paper for those towns on the Olympic Peninsula (where is this, you ask? Hint: same relative area the Twilight vampires call home) - which is across the water from Seattle.

Writing for a "real" publication (what? TNH is real, c'mon!!) has given all of us editors plenty of ideas to implement next year. Cam did outline a beat system, and now that we've seen one at work, we can't wait to get started.

I like the efficiency of a defined story-assigning system - hopefully this process will be organized next year, so we can set clear deadlines and be on the same page as our writers.

God, and multimedia stuff? Watch out. We've got Meg Power. And different techniques to try out. This is the wave of the future, so we've gotta make the most of the video medium.

Also, we will continue to try to really get to the core of UNH student life. The more involved we are, the more we work with students and hear your ideas, the better paper we will be. We're meant to serve you, the readers - whether you're a prospective student, current wildcat (oh, yeah, I used the cheesy mascot phrase), or alumnus.

See, these editors at the papers we're working for send us out into the unknown - and we end up connecting with individuals and hearing stories that help us understand the area so much more. Sure, we're optimistic youngsters who view the current state of journalism as merely "evolving," but any journalist will tell you that the rewards of sharing a story with the world are infinite. We can't wait to apply our worldy knowledge at TNH. With our experiences this summer, this next year is sure to be kickin. (Don't hate, I couldn't help using that word.) You can count on it.

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