Sunday, January 10, 2010

New semester, New ideas??

Hi guys, I hope everyone is enjoying their winter break. The J-term is upon us here in Durham, and there are actually some signs of life on the UNH campus, unusual for this time of year.

This semester, we want to hear more from you, the readers. Is there a story, person, place, thing, sport, you think is newsworthy? Anything unusual? Cool? Compelling?

The Olympics are coming up - anything specific you want about that? (UNH Women's Hockey has some representation this year...)

Is there MORE of anything you want covered? Economy-related things? Anthrax scare follow-ups? Travel? (we never did get that C&J Trailways article out last semester...)

Any noteworthy majors? How about the nightlife? Business profiles? Sustainability specifics? Government scoop?

We're always open to ideas. Email us at for news tips. And let's open the spring semester in style.

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