Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TNH Staff: Academic Year 2010-2011

April 14 was the changing of the guard at The New Hampshire, the day on which the new staff, the staff that will preside over the paper until April 2011, took over. Now that we're four issues in and looking to bring back MUB 156, the newsroom blog, we thought we'd take the time to recognize the editorial staff of the paper for the next year.

Executive Editor
- Thomas Gounley
Managing Editor- Chad Graff
Content Editor- Amanda Beland

News Editors
Mallory Baker
Geoffrey Cunningham
Kerry Feltner

Design Editor- Annie Sager

Sports Editors
Brandon Lawrence
Zack Cox

Arts Editor- Ellen Stuart

Staff Writers
Alexandra Churchill
Justin Doubleday
Samer Kalaf
Matthew Laurion
Krista Macomber
Gregory Meighan
Julia Miller

Staff Photographers
Tyler McDermott
Erica Siver

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