Monday, August 2, 2010

The Princeton Review Ranks UNH

The Princeton Review today released the results of their 2010 survey of 122,000 college students, which rank the country's top 373 colleges in dozens of categories.

Let's just say that it's pretty safe to say that UNH isn't going to be releasing a press release for this one. Here's the lowdown on UNH, according to the Princeton Review (Note: Links may require logging in to

#3 "Little Race/Class Interaction"
#3 "Lots of Beer"
#17 "Professors Get Low Marks"
#4 "Town-Gown Relations are Strained"

However, UNH did get named a "Best Northeastern College" (the bad news: there were 218 of them)

Of course, the category that gets the most attention, both at UNH and around the country, is the "Top Party Schools." But UNH, which ranked #7 in 2007 and #11 in 2008 before falling off the list last year, failed to make a return.

Instead, the University of Georgia took the top spot, with Ohio University-Athens and Penn State (last year's #1) rounding out the top three. Here's the complete list (no logging in necessary).

What do you think? Did UNH get snubbed, slammed, or is this just the painful truth? Start the conversation in the comments below.


  1. Snubbed by NOT being included in the top party school rankings!? Are you an idiot. That's not a list you should be striving to achieve. Why don't you withdraw from UNH and sign up for some internet classes. I'm sure Mom and Dad will be happy to save the money that their brain dead child is wasting.

  2. @ggghhh321654

    I think UNH would rather see themselves on the party school list than the ones it did get on. A party school ranking might bring in some more out-of-state students (albeit not the best and brightest, but, hey, money's money). Being ranked for having poor community relations, bad professors and little diversity doesn't have any benefits.

    I'm not sure why you're calling the writer "brain dead" over this post. You need to chill out and get invited to a party or something.

  3. First of all, nobody said anything about "striving to achieve this list," it's simply the rankings. Second of all, he didn't voice any opinion about snubbing, but was asking what people thought. So you just acted presumptuously and ignorantly - both of which are standard qualities for six year olds and idiots. Also Last time I checked you weren't the chief editor of a school paper that has been around for almost 100 years. Looks like you might need to take additional internet classes yourself to build up that resumé and seem less of a moron, while the people who aren't dbags carry out successful lives.

  4. Thomas you are inadequate to even report on such a prestigious school since you obviously have never been in the world of an ivy tower!

    UNH receiving recognition as the top school in the NE is quite substantial. Are you deaf? Dumb? Or just ignorant? THE NORTHEAST is time and time again hailed for the level of academia achieved out of EVERY region of our country. UNH to have this title hails to it's prestige. Get with the picture.

    Proud UNH grad.