Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Counting down the days till we can sleep in ...

It's the third post. Which means a few things. A. we've been busy and B. we don't have a blog protocol. Let's focus on the former.

We realize people are counting down the days and scrambling to get things done before the break, but if you're looking to fill some down time or smuggle a bagel out of HoCo, may we suggest the latest issue of The New Hampshire. Now, now, now, before you get huffy at the idea of reading even more this week, just pick up a copy. there are a lot of good reads, relating specifically to UNH. Brand New rocked the Whittemore Saturday. Scope announced, to mixed reviews, Guster's April performance. Dictated But Not Read's Andrew Koral has an interesting Spring Break history... you know, you should just check it out yourself.

Big, big news is women's hockey locked up a forth straight Hockey East championship. Check out the back page. Dare we say, sports design one-upped news? Oh, dear. what's the world coming to?

Not that the front was too shabby. Consider that Nate learned then used Illustrator in about, what was it, seven and a half minutes? Oh yeah, he's a design savant.

You could tell we all had one foot in Spring Break. We were moving at the collective speed of molasses. One caption was debated, heatedly, for about an hour, maybe more. It's great when we're cruising, stories go smoothly from copy editor to news editor to design to layout. But when there's a hold up, whoa not good. And then the e.e. ends up turning the lights out at 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

But it's all worth it when you get the paper the next day around 11:00 a.m., open the second page and see ... you forgot to save the correction you needed to run.

Oh, it's so time for Spring Break.

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