Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Passing of the Torch

We took about an hour and a half out of the production night to vote for next year's Executive Editor. Two staffers threw their names into the hat for the job and were put on the hot seat last night. They got asked everything from stances on ethical issues to expected schedules next year to recruiting photographers.

Two things came out of the discussion. One, we were confident whoever got elected would be successful in the job. Two, Cameron Kittle was voted in as next year's e.e.

Serious business aside, we were trying to shake off the Spring Break. While a few went somewhere exotic (Maine doesn't count), most spent the break gearing up for the semesters final stretch. Some more staffers got word about summer newspaper internships, which is always good news.

Surprisingly one of the night's most discussed topics was not the election. Nope, it was chick flicks. As expected, the girls held their own. So did the guys. In fact, with one exception, most of the guys in the newsroom could name several chick flicks. And discuss them. Passionately.

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