Friday, May 7, 2010

Year in Review: The Features We Wish We Could Have Included

Due to space limitations, the "Year in Review" section, which was included in Friday's issue of TNH, is basically limited to the top news stories of the year. (The one exception was our bondage story, which was included because it was probably our most talked-about article of the year). The focus on hard news makes sense, because we want the Year in Review section to prompt students to look back at what made this year exciting and notable.

But every year, a number of interesting feature stories grace our pages as well. These stories take an in-depth look at the interesting people, businesses, and stories present within the UNH community. They also allow for a little more creativity on the part of the writer. We'd like to recognize some of our top feature stories of the year below.

Best investigative feature:
Busted: Alcohol Policy at UNH
(Published October 16)

Best local twist on an international story:
Fault friendly? History shows New England not immune to earthquakes
(Published January 29, our first issue back after winter break, which had been dominated by news of the earthquake in Haiti)

Best profile of a faculty member:
Poly-sci professor inspring...just don't touch his hat
(Published May 4)

Best profile of a student:
Finding a way to pay
(Published November 20)

Best profile of a business (tie):
Celebrating 50 years with Town and Campus
Newmarket coffee shop threatened by economy
(Both published on February 19, interesting enough)

Best campus life feature
Loving lounge life: freshmen reluctant to move out
(Published September 18)

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